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Joyfilled Day

Collage by Jolie Buchanan

Joyfilled Day
Joyfilled Day Journal Page
{12 by 12 paper acrylic and watercolor collage by Jolie Buchanan}

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Happy Birthday Bertrand Russell

Original Artwork: Watercolor and Wax by  Jolie Buchanan

Imagine Fear Russell Jolie Buchanan
Original – Watercolor and Wax

One Person Can Make A Difference

Imagine Difference - Kennedy Jolie Buchanan

original: 12 x 12 watercolor and wax

Look Outside Dream … Look Inside Awake

Imagine Jung Jolie Buchanan

Watercolor Weave…


 © 2008 – 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Technique: Watercolor Weave

A watercolor weave done in a group session.  The approach can be used with a group or an individual.

I enjoy facilitating this approach as it can usually be accomplished by any participant, the art-making itself is fairly simple, the technique is wonderful for calming any nerves or jitters and the outcome helps foster a sense of community amongst the group.

  • Each member in the group creates a water color image, as simple as they would like.  Lines on a page, dots on a page, if they chose, they can just color the whole page one color, it doesn’t matter.  Anything they want.  [I let them know ahead of time that what they create will take a different form when we’re done]
  • Once everyone is finished, shift the work into the hands of another person; everyone cuts an image into strips a couple inches wide. Then rearrange the strips to create a new image.
  • You can lay the strips side by side or even weave them together.
  • You can can create one large picture as the example here which we left for the rest of our group time or
  • You can give different strips to each member and let them make their own creation.

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Commonly Used Supplies & Techniques at SICA

This picture is part of the Southern Indiana Center for the Arts Sampler Series” of group sessions held at the art center;

Participants experience several different art media over a series of evening classes.

This particular evening, there were classes for glass painting in one classroom and watercolor with salt and sand in another.

Other than participating in the art making process, what I enjoyed
the most is viewing and listening to the interaction between the two groups once their sessions were complete.

Discussing techniques, challenges and excitements together seemed to set everyone up to experience the next sample class they were hearing about from the other class’ members.

An excellent evening and great sampling idea to see what clicks and what doesn’t with each individual.

Spaces & Places:

Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

The Best Thing To Give . . .


{watercolour & ink}

© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B Studios

Your Vision Will Become Clear…


{20 x 24 acrylic watercolour abstract}

© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B Studios

Vulnerbility . . .



© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B Studios


Waiting To Start . . .



© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B Studios