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Flight Path: A Collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham

Christy Birmingham with another collaboration … Soar!

Poetic Parfait

Collaboration of mixed media Bring on the collaborations! Photo: ©2014 Poetic Parfait.

Bring on the latest collaboration between Jolie Buchanan and Christy Birmingham! I am so pleased with this mixed-media project as it is uplifting for both Jolie’s artwork and my poem.

We started this project a few months ago and are happy to reveal the result today. It all began with artist Jolie. She cleverly used homemade paper (made from recycled white office paper), a carved linoleum block of a stenciled bird, a hand printer press onto watercolor, Photoshop and …. Wowowowow, and she crafted the resulting image below! Obviously the process was a lot more complex than I explained here but if you’re curious about it be sure to ask Jolie. Her contact details are at the end of the post.

After I had received her image by email, I was happy to use it as inspiration for a poem.

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Enjoy and share …. thanks Kat!

KATARINA THORSEN: Creative Process


GLOBAL: Creative Director, Anna Thorsen

LOCAL: Art Director, Kat Thorsen (Vancouver BC)

MISSION: To awaken creative expression

VISION: To develop global art initiatives

Art Events, Street Art, Apparel, Curriculum Development, Workshops, Workbooks, Speaker Series, Craftivism, Illustration, Portraiture, Documentaries, Graphic Novels


Curriculum Development Series 1:


Sock Monkey

Life Skills and Entrepreneurship Program

for youth groups, schools and community organizations


Phase 1:

Pilot Project Phase 1: May to June 2014

Introductory Message from Katarina Thorsen

In my role as art director at @bypoststreet, and as therapeutic art facilitator in the Lower Mainland, I am fulfilling my passion to awaken creative expression in everyone around me.  I do this through visual art, art facilitation, art events, street art, blogging, journaling and craftivism.  Especially sock monkeys.

Sock monkeys are a significant part of my work.  Perhaps my life’s work!

I have been delivering sock monkey therapy and…

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Call for Art: Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge

Art Therapy Alliance

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge! 

Co-hosted by The Art Therapy Alliance, New Mexico Art Therapy Association, and Southwestern College

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt | Art Therapy AllianceCall for Art: You’re invited to our art therapy scavenger hunt!

Check out the scavenger hunt list below and use found objects and art to create a 2-D or 3-D character that represents art therapy to you, an art therapist you’ve been inspired by, or a representation of the future of art therapy.

Write about your process describing who/what this character is and what it represents in poetic, free association, or literary form.

All scavenger hunt items must be incorporated in your art in some way:

  • Paint Palette
  • Glue Stick
  • Paint Brush
  • Recycling Material
  • Nature Material
  • A symbol representing hope
  • A symbol representing healing
  • A symbol representing something art therapy needs
  • A symbol representing something permanent
  • A symbol representing something vulnerable

Deadline to submit your scavenger hunt art: October 15, 2013…

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