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Call for Art: Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge

Art Therapy Alliance

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge! 

Co-hosted by The Art Therapy Alliance, New Mexico Art Therapy Association, and Southwestern College

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt | Art Therapy AllianceCall for Art: You’re invited to our art therapy scavenger hunt!

Check out the scavenger hunt list below and use found objects and art to create a 2-D or 3-D character that represents art therapy to you, an art therapist you’ve been inspired by, or a representation of the future of art therapy.

Write about your process describing who/what this character is and what it represents in poetic, free association, or literary form.

All scavenger hunt items must be incorporated in your art in some way:

  • Paint Palette
  • Glue Stick
  • Paint Brush
  • Recycling Material
  • Nature Material
  • A symbol representing hope
  • A symbol representing healing
  • A symbol representing something art therapy needs
  • A symbol representing something permanent
  • A symbol representing something vulnerable

Deadline to submit your scavenger hunt art: October 15, 2013…

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Collaborative Creative Collections Time

I knew, right when I glanced into the mailbox, that it was full of fun!

The Gluebook Goodness segment of the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 workshops brought more than anticipated.  Loads of paper, tons of ideas, and great excitement for what is to come.

Stay tuned as the collaborative collections begin to grow.  

Let The Creating Begin!

Let The Paper Swapping Begin!

The last few days have been spent with handfuls of paper clippings, painting remnants & handmade paper swatches I’ve been collecting in an empty tissue box beginning a month or so ago.

My treasury box began while preparing for the paper swap in Gluebook Goodness, a segment of the 6 Degrees of Creativity 2 set of workshops.

It has been a great time of both reflection on my past work and general discovery. Revisiting remnants of my past work and holding clipping parties for additional content has helped foster a strong sense of creativity and community.

The above photographs are from my gathering and a few favorite bits I captured before shipping them away to my swap partner. Looking forward to see what the swap my bring and inspire over the coming months.

Let The Paper Swapping Begin!

Together Photo-Walk. . .


© 2012 Jolie B Studios

Favorite Technique or Approach with Groups

One of my favorite techniques is a photo-walk with individuals or groups.

Everyone deserves a chance and each individual has their own perspective. A simple photo walk and review can bring the uniqueness and diversity of this to the forefront. I took this photo during one of our photowalks. 

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

One, Two, Three Dimension . . .


© 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Technique: Perspective

One, Two, Then Three Dimension

A quick sketch on paper/cardboard, then transferring the image to a three dimensional project.

In this case, the workgroup did a floral landscape sketch, then painted what they had sketched onto a basic already made flowerpot; Using the processes of one dimension, two dimension (height and width), then three dimensional (height, width and depth) introduces the elements of perspective and the projection of the shadow.

The variations in dimensions can create some interesting effects.  The creative process is enjoyable step by step along the way.

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Watercolor Weave…


 © 2008 – 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Technique: Watercolor Weave

A watercolor weave done in a group session.  The approach can be used with a group or an individual.

I enjoy facilitating this approach as it can usually be accomplished by any participant, the art-making itself is fairly simple, the technique is wonderful for calming any nerves or jitters and the outcome helps foster a sense of community amongst the group.

  • Each member in the group creates a water color image, as simple as they would like.  Lines on a page, dots on a page, if they chose, they can just color the whole page one color, it doesn’t matter.  Anything they want.  [I let them know ahead of time that what they create will take a different form when we’re done]
  • Once everyone is finished, shift the work into the hands of another person; everyone cuts an image into strips a couple inches wide. Then rearrange the strips to create a new image.
  • You can lay the strips side by side or even weave them together.
  • You can can create one large picture as the example here which we left for the rest of our group time or
  • You can give different strips to each member and let them make their own creation.

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Tools In SICA’s Print Shop

© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC


Antique Print Shop & Working Museum

The antique print shop at The Southern Indiana Center for the Arts is full of tools commonly found in pre-electric press time: carving linoleum blocks, inking, pressing paper, etc.

This is an example of a poster and letterblocks used during the set-up and creation process.

Spaces & Places:

Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Materials: Clay, Water Wheel, Rib, Hands

 © 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Tools & Materials:

clay, water, wheel, rib, hands (usually both)

Open studio is a favorite fun time

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Touch, Feel, Process Along The Path

© 2008 – 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC


Back to Basics – Touch Feel Process

This approach is taught in an effort to go back to basics and re-establish oneself with their art making process.

While blind-folded, the student creates a piece of art from start to finish on the potter’s wheel, verbally guiding themselves through their own steps in the creation process.

I am there to verbally guide them back onto their path if they request assistance, but otherwise it is up to the student to be able to touch, feel and process the next points they must go through to complete their piece.

Spaces & Places: Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX

Tea Pot: Altered By Design

© 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Technique or Approach:

Altered By Design

This is a captured from a tea pot workshop with a focus on alteration.

Prior to starting, I’ll let participants know that they’re going to create a vessel that will be split in half.

Each participant creates one large vessel and 9 accessory pieces which will eventually be combined onto a vessel such as tubes, coils, flowers,etc.

They can turn a vase on a wheel, hand-build a tower, roll a coil, texturizers a flattened piece of clay, etc. I usually also throw a few tumblers a head of time, just to be sure we have enough material in the time allotted for those new to the wheel.

As individuals complete their various accessory pieces, those are placed in the center of the work table. The larger vessels are brought to the table as they’re completed with the participant sitting with them.

Once the members have completed their wheel work, all end up sitting around the table with their larger vessel in front of them and all the accessory pieces are in the middle of the table.

Participants then switch seats with the person across the table from them, leaving the large vessel on the table. Each person is handed a wire to cut the new new vessel in half, then take one of the halves back to their original chair and begin combining their new piece with the half of their old piece.

At the next stage we begin to take the accessories created in the middle of the table, and place them on the vessels as decorations, spouts, lids, etc – until we have several altered vessels.

This intervention is an effort to increase participants resilience to change; developing not only a higher tolerance that life has been altered, but also to build their self esteem and self confidence levels. The workshop is fun, can become quite quirky, and most always a delight to facilitate.

Spaces & Places:

Where We Create

Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX