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What is Healing? by John I. Cardwell


by John I. Cardwell

What is healing?
Don’t know. What’s being healed?
When it comes to us, to humans,
Healing is probably countless acts and feelings.
All the actions we take to live today and tomorrow,
To live for and with others…acts of love,
Acts of self-respect and respect for others.
Love that is the love of caring,
And being cared for and of knowing you’re loved,
Has to be in the mix to heal as a human.

Love among humans is simple and infinitely complex.
Love among humans is what keeps us alive,
The hope that carries us through our dark passages.
When it is given, shared and received
With the intent to heal then healing can happen.
That may not be the answer to the question,
What is healing, but it does allow us to thrive.

We walk this good earth so very briefly.
We are fortunate to do so.
We are especially fortunate in our time
When we act to care for others as ourselves.
Then we can experience the richness of life.
Then we can experience the rich peace
Of healing others and being healed.
Perhaps, healing is as simple as that.

Copyright © 2014 John I. Cardwell
But available to anyone who wants to use it.

John Cardwell was once a farm boy. John has long been an organizer, policy writer, and director of advocacy organizations in Indiana. He has now ventured into poetry and tales with words previously appearing in the Tipton Poetry Journal.