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Welcome to Spaces To Create . . .

Spaces To Create began in 2008 as the digital art journal blog of Jolie Buchanan, owner and artist of Jolie B Studios, LLC.

Jolie is a multi-media artist based in Columbus, Indiana. Her work is primarily focused around painting, pottery, photography and old school printing presses. Additionally, she is a student working to complete her master’s in the field of art therapy. Originally, the blog was for her personal explorations in art and related projects with an art therapy focus.

Through working on various projects in her studies and workshops, Jolie met on-line and in real life many creatives on their own personal path exploring the expressive arts in its many forms. Spaces To Create began to transform from one person’s celebration of creativity to a space where various artists could celebrate the arts together.  This space is now used to post work of various creatives working on projects individually and/or in collaboration.

We aim to celebrate creativity, showcase the multiple places where creativity is happening and have some fun together.

Posting Schedule: We plan to be posting various projects and collaboration twice a week throughout the year. If you know of a project and/or have an idea you think Spaces To Create might want to highlight, feel free to send us an e-mail: Spaces2create@gmail.com

Thanks for being here with us and celebrating creativity.

~ Jolie


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