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Springtime Delights

Yesterday was one of those quintessential Springtime Delights. After spending a great portion of the morning completing yardwork, I took the camera for a walk to find those glimpses of Spring that are just now showing themselves.

Spring is here.

We were at 70 degrees, a first day many were sporting shorts outside. The red buds are out, the hosta points are up pointing toward the sky. Trees are beginning to bloom and there’s a bird chorus that is a new.

Think Spring

Snow is in the forecast for the coming days. No sign of it really that I care to recognize, just the neighbor’s tip-off which attempted to curtail the collage work I was completing outside. My only response was, that can’t happen, not for a couple hours at least.

He gave me two days. Two days before Old Man Winter comes back for a visit.  It will be short I assume, just a reminder that he is still around. A blackberry winter of sorts, with the brief cold snap after the Spring has sprung making the berries juicier. I will happily greet the snow. Just for a bit, then he must go.

~ Jolie


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