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Call for Art: Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge

Art Therapy Alliance

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt Art Challenge! 

Co-hosted by The Art Therapy Alliance, New Mexico Art Therapy Association, and Southwestern College

Art Therapy Scavenger Hunt | Art Therapy AllianceCall for Art: You’re invited to our art therapy scavenger hunt!

Check out the scavenger hunt list below and use found objects and art to create a 2-D or 3-D character that represents art therapy to you, an art therapist you’ve been inspired by, or a representation of the future of art therapy.

Write about your process describing who/what this character is and what it represents in poetic, free association, or literary form.

All scavenger hunt items must be incorporated in your art in some way:

  • Paint Palette
  • Glue Stick
  • Paint Brush
  • Recycling Material
  • Nature Material
  • A symbol representing hope
  • A symbol representing healing
  • A symbol representing something art therapy needs
  • A symbol representing something permanent
  • A symbol representing something vulnerable

Deadline to submit your scavenger hunt art: October 15, 2013…

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