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Watercolor Weave…


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Technique: Watercolor Weave

A watercolor weave done in a group session.  The approach can be used with a group or an individual.

I enjoy facilitating this approach as it can usually be accomplished by any participant, the art-making itself is fairly simple, the technique is wonderful for calming any nerves or jitters and the outcome helps foster a sense of community amongst the group.

  • Each member in the group creates a water color image, as simple as they would like.  Lines on a page, dots on a page, if they chose, they can just color the whole page one color, it doesn’t matter.  Anything they want.  [I let them know ahead of time that what they create will take a different form when we’re done]
  • Once everyone is finished, shift the work into the hands of another person; everyone cuts an image into strips a couple inches wide. Then rearrange the strips to create a new image.
  • You can lay the strips side by side or even weave them together.
  • You can can create one large picture as the example here which we left for the rest of our group time or
  • You can give different strips to each member and let them make their own creation.

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Art Therapy Community Photo Documentary Project

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