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Tea Pot: Altered By Design

© 2012 Jolie B. Studios LLC

Technique or Approach:

Altered By Design

This is a captured from a tea pot workshop with a focus on alteration.

Prior to starting, I’ll let participants know that they’re going to create a vessel that will be split in half.

Each participant creates one large vessel and 9 accessory pieces which will eventually be combined onto a vessel such as tubes, coils, flowers,etc.

They can turn a vase on a wheel, hand-build a tower, roll a coil, texturizers a flattened piece of clay, etc. I usually also throw a few tumblers a head of time, just to be sure we have enough material in the time allotted for those new to the wheel.

As individuals complete their various accessory pieces, those are placed in the center of the work table. The larger vessels are brought to the table as they’re completed with the participant sitting with them.

Once the members have completed their wheel work, all end up sitting around the table with their larger vessel in front of them and all the accessory pieces are in the middle of the table.

Participants then switch seats with the person across the table from them, leaving the large vessel on the table. Each person is handed a wire to cut the new new vessel in half, then take one of the halves back to their original chair and begin combining their new piece with the half of their old piece.

At the next stage we begin to take the accessories created in the middle of the table, and place them on the vessels as decorations, spouts, lids, etc – until we have several altered vessels.

This intervention is an effort to increase participants resilience to change; developing not only a higher tolerance that life has been altered, but also to build their self esteem and self confidence levels. The workshop is fun, can become quite quirky, and most always a delight to facilitate.

Spaces & Places:

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Details at: http://bit.ly/x7Q0jX


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