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Trust & Favorite Technique . . .


Technique: Potter’s Wheel

Trust . . . Unless one has trust in themselves & others, they are more than likely reluctant to try new things. For many the pottery wheel is about taking risks.  It’s whirling world can be quite scary initially.  One has to let go of control in order for the clay to become centered…

Success means not the perfect vase or pitcher, but is a measurement of whether one can trust enough in themselves & those around them to push past their fears and take the risk to let the wheel help you. 

It’s a favorite techniques of mine to teach, partly for my love of clay, but moreover for the way in which I’ve seen its affect. Working through the creative process on the wheel allows a student to begin to have a better sense of themselves through their claywork.

Working with the wheel can give a sense of calmness a midst the storm grounded and centered in the middle of all the chaos.

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  1. Jim Ford

    February 19, 2012 at 10:29 pm

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